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"The more you give, the more you live." - Tom Pace

Tom Pace started PaceButler Corporation in 1987 with only $62.53 to his name. Today, Tom is a multi-millionaire - and he wants to help others become more successful. PaceButler Corporation, over 30 years later has 90 employees and is doing business worldwide. The corporate office is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tom also owns 2 other corporations for profit and is a Member of Vistage. Tom is the founder of the non-profit, World Book Bank. Tom is an avid runner, he's run over 50 marathons, ran across the state of Oklahoma (236 miles) and participated in the Leadville 100. Tom married in 1998 to Leslie Pace. Tom and Leslie have 2 daughters, Emily & Abby.

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PaceButler's History

1987 - Tom Pace starts PaceButler Corporation with $62.53. His goal is to build an organization that provides a place where people can be successful in business and grow in their personal lives.
1990 - Louis Gandara, a business consultant, and eventual life-long friend enter the scene. With Mr. Gandara's assistance, PaceButler began to focus its operations on a more productive and efficient business model.
1992 - PaceButler hits its first milestone, expanding to 30 employees with annual sales of $3.5 million.
1999 - PaceButler wins the Oklahoma Quality Award for its commitment to excellence. In addition this year, Tom Pace wins the Model CEO Award presented by the Council of Growing Companies.
2001 - PaceButler Corporations' revenues reach 22 million with continued growth.
2002 - PaceButler adds a new product line – used and inactive cell phones. This quickly became a major product line and set the stage to eventually be PaceButler's core business.
2004 - PaceButler updates infrastructure and logistical organization to further enhance expediency and efficiency. Product lines condensed to laptops and cell phones as a means to create a more efficient business model.
2006 - Growth phase creates the need for a second facility, essentially doubling square footage. Mike Arms was brought on as CIO. Revamp of the entire CRM system, bringing productivity and customer service into the 21st century.
2006 - Tom Pace releases his first book. Mentor - The Kid and the CEO.
2007 - 20 Year Anniversary! PaceButler expands the workforce, now employing over 100 great Oklahomans.
2008 - PaceButler expands its non-profit fundraising programs by partnering with the Boys & Girls Club, Feed the Children and The American Cancer Society to raise funds for these great organizations and their causes.
2009 - Joe Fronko becomes the first President of PaceButler; Tom Pace remains CEO.
2010 - PaceBulter begins its Social media adventure with Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and Linkedin.
2011 - PaceButler purchases the new building located at 5915 NW 23rd St, OKC, OK 73127, expanding to 17,000 sq.ft.
2011 - Tom Pace joins the Oklahoma City downtown Rotary - the largest Rotary club in the world.
2012 - PaceButler opens a "drive-thru" to allow local clients to sell their phones.
2013 - The initial launch of PaceButler collection boxes at 7-11 stores across Oklahoma.
2014 - PaceButler Book Donation Program passes 761,000 donated books since its inception.

2018 - Brad Armstrong accepts the role as the new President of the company.

2019 - Projections for the most profitable in company history.

Our Story


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