the success seminar

What to expect

This interactive workshop will cover topics such as:

  • How he started his company from the ground up
  • Habit training
  • Developing yourself as a business owner
  • Establishing valuable employees
  • Creative vs Competitive business practices
  • Coping with failure
  • How to navigate legal issues
  • How to turn an idea into reality
  • The importance of giving

Think like a ceo

Step into the mind of a man with over twenty years of industry knowledge. Success is not always glamorous, but through hard work and dedication it can be achieved. Tom lays out exactly how he became successful - and how he continues to stay that way.

Situation analysis is one of the key features that sets leaders apart. During this seminar, you'll be able to listen to Tom's decision making process during good times - as well as the bad. Both are very important to understanding how to convert an idea into a profitable business.

learn from a professional

Where else will you find a CEO so willing and ready to to teach you how he became successful?

This is an opportunity to have an experienced professional answer your business-related questions right in front of you!

Motivational speakers can charge thousands of dollars per ticket to speak at venues. Business consultants charge $150/hr for their expertise. Celebrities charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at conventions. Tom, an author, entrepreneur, CEO, and investor, provides much more personalized support and training for a fraction of that price.