the success seminar


Understanding the importance of great habits, healthy living, and unbreakable mental toughness are the keys to succeeding in life. Tom will be covering his secrets to achieving laser focus, maximum productivity, and creating a system for success.

Much of personal development is managing the hard times. Tom will break down how to handle failure, control your expectations, analyze situations, and recover quickly. Great leaders learn to fail quickly and not lose confidence.


Tom Pace has proven strategies that, if implemented, will result in long term business success. He has formulated a way to create an honest and ethical work environment while continually amplifying company revenue year after year.

You will learn how to manage inventory, cash flow, and business relationships. Furthermore, you'll learn methods for selling a product that are both creative and effective. Opportunities like this do not come around very often - don't miss out!


Where else will you find a CEO so willing and ready to to teach you all of his secrets? Tom is the perfect example of a generous, self-made millionaire. Come learn from him!

Motivational speakers can charge thousands of dollars per ticket to speak at venues. Business consultants charge $150/hr MINIMUM for their expertise. Celebrities charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak at conventions. Tom, an author, entrepreneur, CEO, and investor, provides much more personalized advice for a fraction of that price.